Meet Me At the Morgue

Friday, January 23, 2009

If you've ever watched a crime scene show on television -- or the evening news for that matter -- you should be familiar with body bags (usually portrayed as being made of a heavy black plastic) But, contrary to popular belief, lightweight white body bags have become the bag of choice because spotting a piece of evidence that may have been jostled from the body during transit is made easier by the white background. (Probably not something you cared to know, but now you're ready for the "Death & Dying" category on Jeopardy.)
Nevertheless, it's still the cringe-worthy black body bag that gets most people all worked up. Interestingly, this hasn't prevented designers from creating dresses, jackets and bags that share haunting similarities (whether intentional or by sheer coincidence). So, the big question is this: Which of these, if any, would you be caught dead or alive in?

'The Body Bag' Clutch by Dead Pigeon

Oversized Zippered Jacket by Acne

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