Dox by Qubus

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This autumn was finally open the new centre for contemporary art DOX in Holešovice. Beautiful white minimalistic building by architekt Ivan Kroupa consists a lot of exhibition spaces, roof teracess, café, bookshop and designshop as well. In spectacular space above the big modernist ramp we find designshop DOX by Qubus. It was established under the curatorial aproach of Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velčovský from studio Qubus. Unique store a selection of the best czech porcelain and glass design, such as names like Bořek Šípek, František Vízner, Rony Plesl, Whitefruits or conceptual pieces by Qubus as well. Also on display there are jewells by Eva Eisler, František Dvořák, Karel Opočenský and other. This luxury goods is also by funny or classic czech products. Iron toys by Kovap, pen „Versatilka“ or fourcolor pen can become a nice present for every visitor from this art gallery. Concept store DOX by Qubus offers selection of traditional and best czech design in new, unconventional way.

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