Serial Cut Throat Design

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is an ad that Madrid based, creative studio Serial Cut did for the UK newspaper The Guardian. “The Fresher is a supplement for University students included within the pages of The Guardian every year. This advertisement is representative of a student’s lifestyle—flat sharing and the endless stack of dirty dishes. The bodycopy is wedged in between the plates and crockery representing many of the topics of modern day students–”having a hangover” or “Eating beans”–in a ironic way, mixing 3D with photographic techniques.”

I love this ad as well as most of their work. A lot of their graphics play with dimension in an very balanced yet disheveled way. See some of their other work below.


Open titles for MTV’s UK TOP20 program. Watch Video Here

The principal message of this open title is that the UK is a trend setting place where life moves at a lightning pace. One of the most representative places of the “avant-garde” is the hairdresser. Two different heads and a nervous hand are the primary subjects which depict this ironic open titles.


Still-life about success, failure and mainstream stardom.
Those once hot–Justin, Britney, Madonna, Mariah, Beyoncé and Aguilera–become “have been” dethroned by M.I.A. and Kiss and friends, who take their place at the top. This ironic image is a personal project between Serial Cut and the photographer Paloma Rincón that critiques a mainstream music whose “stars” are nothing more than products and where music is not the true focus.


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