Valentine Essentials: Scented Candles

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The other day I heard a couple of talk show hosts, a man and a woman, talking on the radio about romance and whether it is "manly" for a man to light scented candles. I like to think we are beyond such narrow viewpoints, pleasant scents and mood lighting should be for everyone. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to light fragrant candles in the name of love and it can be wonderful if you do it right, which may mean a little planning ahead. You won't find truly transcendent scents at the local grocery store.

We'll start this off with the obvious choice, a chocolate scented candle. Chocolate is a popular scent but one that is pretty hard to get right. The Flare Chocolate Bark candle is chocolately without being overly sweet or fake. It sells for $22. Check the gallery for ten more ideas.

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