Moët & Chandon Marquee by PTW Architects

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sydney, Australia based PTW Architects designed this Marquee for the champagne producer Moët & Chandon.They transformed an off-the-shelf tent into a sparkling and surreal atmosphere.

By partially letting sunlight penetrate through the fabric structure, the pavilion comes to life as an ephemeral and surreal bubble experience. The perforated ceiling filters natural light and directs it onto and through the Lycra fabric, creating the depth and translucency of the space. Light levels change constantly during the day with moving clouds and changing atmospheric conditions.

The tent, weighing just 77 pounds, folds small enough to be transportable in a sports bag; the 33-by-33-foot space can be assembled in less than one hour and is fully reusable.
While appearing solid, the structure is soft and flexible and creates highly unusual spaces that come to life with projection and lighting. Inside, the design team used digital modeling—from conceptual sketches through to finished construction plans—to replicate the frothy structure of foam with sail-like Lyrca panels.


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