Time to design - new talent award 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

On August 28 2009 Danish Minister of Culture Carina Christensen presented the Time to design – new talent award 2009 at the National Workshops for Arts and Crafts.

Corian PING PONG table, design by Hunn Wai - Photo credit: Daniel Peh

The jury selected two talented young designers: Hunn Wai and Francesca Lanzavecchia, as winners of the talent award from more than 35 different countries all over the world.

Corian 'PING PONG table' design by Hunn Wai - Photo credit: Daniel Peh

The two will meet in Scandinavia to take on the challenging task: their winning project "Spaziale Series: New expressions of skin and structure". The project that is based on voids, skin and structure. Taking inspiration from fashion, architecture and human behaviours, they will amalgamate those inputs, according to their vision, into a new breed of interior objects that will question our perception on the rituals of possessions storage and ecology-awareness within furniture manufacture, distribution and construction.

'Tre di Una chairs' design by Hunn Wai - Photo credit: Myoung Won Suh

'Skin Shelf' prototype /sketch

The designer-duo will work with flexibility and susceptibility in different types of materials. The key is the potential changes; the mean is the mystery emerged out of the imagination of what is hiding behind the wrapped items. By adding the concept to a series of products the duo will let new possibilities and perspectives grow in relation to the function of furniture, aesthetic, interaction and purpose.

Francesca Lanzavecchia, proaesthetics, disability artifacts, lingerie 'Wood x', plastic shelf, design by Hunn Wai

Wai & Lanzavecchia began the cooperation at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where both studied IM Master (Interior / Industrial / Identity Design) under the management of Gijs Bakker, co-founder of Droog Design.

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